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Glossary of Terms

HAZE A cloudy appearance in wine. HYDROMETER An instrument to measure the sugar content of a wine or INITIAL GRAVITY The specific gravity before fermentation starts LEES The sediment at the bottom of a jar. MAGNESIUM SULPHATE Used as a

Wine Recipes

LIMONCELLO Yelds approx. 2 litres INGREDIENTS Lemons 15 each Vodka, 100 proof 2-750ml bottles Sugar 4 cups Water 5 cups METHOD Basic Steps: Infuse Boil Infuse Scrub the lemons with soap and a vegetable brush to remove any wax or

Wine Additives

WINE ADDITIVES (a handy reference for winemakers) STEEPING, FERMENTING ON THE PULP RUHAMENTP-An enzyme for breaking down cell tissues in fruits and vegetables. PECTOLASE-Extraction of juice 1/2 teaspoon per 1.8kg fruit. PECTOLASE PLUS-Has extra enzyme for extraction of starch YEAST